About me

My name is Kristen Hanna, and I'm the owner of Heart and Soul Photography.

I have loved photography since my dad gave me my first camera and light meter many years ago. I've spent time in two unrelated career fields as well as earning a masters degree. Through those years I've always enjoyed photography and continued to dabble in it winning a major photography contest with the honor of a display of my work in Detroit.

In addition to photography, I run an agricultural/farm based business. That business has allowed me to continue to develop my photo skills with animals and livestock for marketing purposes. Combining my continued love of photography, photography classes, and marketing photography came my next natural life's step- Heart and Soul Photography!

With my Heart and Soul work, I strive to capture your special, natural, and individual moments.

In my spare time, I love listening to podcasts, cooking with local and fresh food, and vacationing/traveling Michigan.